Company History


A Commitment to Service

From our first contract in 1959 (a $9,000 machine shop), The Law Company has grown to become what one of our clients calls "a world class construction company." Any successful construction project is a complex composition of planning, positioning and execution. We have earned national prominence by fine tuning these individual elements into a harmony of efficiency in the construction of diversified projects throughout Kansas and the United States.

The guiding principle at The Law Company is simple, "do it the owner's way." The essence of success in any industry is how well the customer is served. We strive from the start to recognize the owner's needs and desires and then we make every effort possible to be responsive to them. As a result, a major portion of The Law Company's work is with repeat clients, an achievement of which we are particularly proud.

Hundreds of major companies have depended upon us to be their general contractor because of our commitment to quality construction, on-time schedules and our commitment to staying within the budget. The diversity of The Law Company is most unique to the construction industry in the specialized markets below:

  • Retail
  • Worship
  • Industrial
  • Educational
  • Office
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Lodging
  • Culture

We know that achieving safety on all our construction sites is everyone’s job and we practice it every day at The Law Company. Our employees are our most valued asset and we strive to protect them as they work to complete projects for our customers. Our Workers Compensation Experience Modifier rate is among the best in the area for general contractors. Our in-depth safety program helps to establish a safe workplace and contribute to lower insurance rates on each job we undertake.